3 unique apps you don't believe actually exists

There are about 3 million apps aroun the world. Apps are build actually to make over life easy. So, today i am talking about 3 unique apps that actually exists.

3 unique apps/ Android applications.

Lets start a look at these 3 unique Android applications.

1.Baby Translator App
Baby translator Android app
Image source: google.co.in
As like there name this app work same thing. This app translate baby crying sound and convert it into english language. It works 7/10 times perfectly.
It works on  various baby voices data collected  around the world. 
      This app also have a good rating on play store.

2.Instant Heart Rate App 
Instant heart rate apk
Instant heart rate apk
Lots of android apps in store which checks your heart rate. But instant heart rate apk is unique it not only checks heart rate but also monitor pulses.It works better on a smartphone with Flash light. As it monitors color change in fingertip due to pulse rate. 

 3.Parallel Space App
Parallel space
Parallel space app
Many of you know about this app. But who don't know read this.
Many people have 2 social accounts like Instagram but all hates to login one and then another. So this app helps you to create two apps of any Android apps in  phone.
You can clone any application.

 Well, these 3 unique apps are awesome. But there are more  unique apps in world that we cover in our next articles.

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