Who and what is sarahah and how to use for anonymous chatting sarahah

Sarahah chating
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Now again an apps comes in market that sparks huge amount of controversy. The app name is sarahah which is used for teenagers for anonymously chatting with friends.

In a month ,they get a way in every teenager smartphone. Sarahah is mostly famous in UK and USA like countries.

Why everyone talking about sarahah?

Sarahah is a anonymous chatting app, when you register on it. You got a chatting link so u can anonymously chatting  with friends. Any one with this link you can chat with everyone and post any where with this link.

 The receiver no way of knowing who send this messages.
Sarahah is later a website which is created by the saudi Arabian  developer Zain al- Abidin Tawifq. He created it for it a simple purpose -for employes anonymously feedback to their employers. It gave a voice for those who have  fear of saying something about their company to give voice to them anonymously. The developer created this.

 Later, developer thinks that to take this idea to next level. By applying a new feature to personal level chatting. Mostly popular in middle east , Africa and ,Western countries.

On last month june 13 , developer relesed a Android app and ios app of sarahah in both app stores. In no time it is the top three featured app in both app stores. It is gone viral in market like fire 🔥 .
 DID YOU USE SARAHAH ! Tell me about your experince in comment box.

"Cyber security tells it is toxic for  teenagers  because of anonymously chatting feature".


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